Basic parameters of Antminer T17

Support algorithm: SHA256 algorithm

Rated computing power: 42TH/s

Wall power consumption: 2200W

Energy efficiency ratio: 55J/TH

Bare machine size: 298.2mm*178.0mm*296.6mm

Working temperature: 0-40°C

Lower computing power cost 7nm miner at your fingertips

As Bitmain's third new product in April this year, it is also the first T-series mining machine this year. The Antminer T17 is equipped with a self-developed second-generation 7nm chip. The chip was released at the beginning of this year, using the world's leading TSMC FinFET technology, applying global optimization methodology, and significantly improving performance. The same powerful performance and lower computing power cost make 7nm miners within reach.

Computing power 42T Lower energy efficiency ratio and save electricity

Antminer T17 continues to optimize the overall structure. Compared with the previous generation product, Antminer T15, the computing power of Antminer T17 has increased by 73.9%, and the single machine computing power is up to 42TH/s, achieving stable computing power performance, and miners can continue mining . Thanks to the new chip logic and structure design, the power consumption of the Antminer T17 is 2200W, and the energy efficiency ratio is only 55J/TH, which is 17.9% lower than the previous generation, and it saves more power!

Optimized thermal design performance continues to improve

The body of the Antminer T17 adopts a double-tube fan design, and the honeycomb cooling net at the back of the body greatly shortens the air flow. Compared with the traditional single fan device, the heat dissipation air path is shortened by 50%, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine is reduced, and the performance of the machine is effectively improved, which is conducive to the long-term stable operation of the mining machine and prolongs the service life of the mining machine.

With high conversion rate power supply, integrated body safety protection

Antminer T17 continues the appearance of the flagship product Antminer S17 Pro, and the body adopts an all-in-one design. In addition, the wiring, control board and hashrate board in the machine are better wrapped and can adapt to different mine environments. With the new APW9 power supply, 16-18V high voltage output, effectively reduce the power loss in the power conversion process, and improve the power conversion efficiency. The top of the miner is equipped with a protective device to protect the cable and internal components, making the operation of the miner safer.

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